Monday, November 1, 2010

Day #35/175 Days

A "Fun Day" of school. H&H were here.

  • Mission to India study
  • Twice Freed (this is a review product we are using)
  • H&H and Conductor and Happy spent quite a bit of time coloring fall pictures while I read.
  • Trees are Terrific - awesome link! Check it out. I chose the one that did the reading for me. 
  • Leaf Rubbings
  • Fall Pattern page 
  • Lego-Man did his research and paper for his co-op project
  • Conductor - ABC sorting page and a fall story page
  • Conductor - He is working on his blueberry research for his co-op project.
  • Happy - practiced writing his numbers 
  • Lego-Man is working on computer programming - making his games for his 4-H project.
  • Conductor & Happy listen to Adventures in Odyssey in their room during H&H's nap time.
  • Practice Piano

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