Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day #37/175 Days - Field Trip

Today was our last Maine studies focus at co-op. The rest of the year will be spent on holiday information. Conductor did a report on Maine blueberries. The younger group where Happy is - finished up making their Maine lapbooks. 

After lunch we headed to the Maine State Museum. I had set up a tour for our group. We had two classes (one on wool carding and one on the history of farming in Maine) and a tour of their Made in Maine exhibit. Sadly  my head wasn't on straight and I didn't realize I had set up a 12:30 start. We had been doing other classes all year that started at 1pm so that's what I thought. Thankfully the museum guides were understanding and able to accommodate us even though my face was a tad red.

Our group started out with wool carding (I won't be posting lots of photos as other children are in most of them):

They were each given a piece of raw wool to card and then once that was done they were shown how to hand spin it. It really showed them the hard work that goes in to making clothing. I loved how it was hands on.
Yes, he is stepping on it to keep it in place.

From there we headed to the Made in Maine exhibit. The boys and I have done this tour in the past but it was still fun to go through. I'm really amazed at all the neat things this museum has in order to tell the history of Maine. One day soon I'm going to go spend the day here all by myself so I can read all the information!

This photo is just an example of one of the exhibits we saw...

We ended the day at the farming exhibit. It was interesting but I personally felt he emphasized evolution a tad too much. The kids enjoyed it all the same and it gave us something to discuss later.

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