Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day #43/175 Days Co-Op

Today was an interesting day at co-op. We were happy to have a guest speaker with us. Julienne Lebrun joined us to talk about Haiti. She is the co-founder of a group called A Heart for Haiti Missions. What a blessing it was to have her here to speak with the children. She goes to Haiti every 3-4 months to continue support there. The group has adopted an orphanage and thankfully each child there now has a sponsor. Prior to that they children would only receive one meal every three or four days. So sad. She had a great slide show plus videos she shared with the children. Her heart really is for these poor unfortunate people. Haiti was a very poor country prior to the earthquake and now the cholera outbreak and riots that are going on there.

Julienne shared a story of a recent trip when they were traveling through a village. They stopped and asked a woman there to cook them some rice to eat in exchange for payment. She replied that she had no rice. They then asked her to direct them to someone else in the village who might be able to help them. She replied, "You don't understand. There is no rice in the entire village. There is nothing to eat here at all." Can you even imagine?

Julienne spoke for about an hour and then left to get ready to actually fly out to the Dominican Republic that very night - well early morning. The last I saw on the Facebook page for their mission trip, she had successfully made it in to Haiti. Please keep them the mission in prayer.

After this was all over, the children did some activities about Thanksgiving.

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