Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day #42/175 Days

Today we attended our monthly art class. The focus today was sculpture. It looked like so much fun, I paid to take the class as well.

The first sculpture was created with 14 gauge artist wire and river rocks. The children were given five strands. They twisted them together in the middle....

Then they spread them out - "like a spider"....

The next step was to plop a river rock in the center (on top of the twisted area) and then begin to fold the wires around the rock. Once that was done, they again twisted the wires together...

Then they began to create wire trees.

This is Conductor's finished product. However, once he got home he added a bit of sparkle to his tree..

Those are marbles. He ended up giving this away to a friend and made one for his brother as well (the friend's brother - also a friend of Conductor's...confusing no?). 

The boys had so much fun with this activity that they wanted to make more for gifts. We stopped for lunch at  a park down the street from the art studio and Lego-Man gathered river rocks. The next afternoon I picked up more wire. It wasn't the same gauge so it didn't bend quite as easily but it still worked well enough. 

This wasn't the end of the class though. After this activity they were each given a chunk of plaster and a bunch of various tools and began carving. It was super messy but super fun as well.

As I mentioned above we stopped at a park down the street for lunch. A friend joined us and the boys had a good time playing on the playground and visiting a bit. 

After lunch we headed off to piano lessons. We are all still very much enjoying them.

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