Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day #50/175 Days - Field Trip

Today we journeyed to the big city and say a wonderful performance of the Nutcracker. What made this unique was that it was a behind the scene look at how they stage it. It was geared to school groups. Some of our favorites were the mice who came out before the show started (since we were asked to be there 30 minutes early) and entertained the kids. Here is Happy giving the Mouse King a "high five."

There was a "guide" to the show who explained the story and what was happening in the dances. Not only was this good for the kids but it was also good for me. I'm not a dancer and never have been. I think ballet is beautiful but I don't always understand the story.

The dancers were simply beautiful and did an excellent job.

While riding two & from the city we listened to some Jonathan Park cd's (science) and Adventures in Odyssey (character).

After we went to the Nutcracker we surprised the boys with a visit to the mall. Why? Because this was set up in the middle of it....

Conductor was thrilled. Of course, all he really wants to do is drive the train. We also treated them to two rides on this....

Their first ride they all sat on horses. The second ride they were able to snag this "teacup" and spin themselves as they went around. I could only watch for so long before I would get dizzy. They had a fantastic time though!

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