Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #119/175 Days


  • MUS - complete 25E
  • Complete 3C & 3D in Wordly Wise
  • Work on Latin
  • Practice piano
  • Read book of choice for 20 mins.
  • Dictated a letter to a distant friend and drew a picture to send as well
  • Completed MUS 16D
  • Handwriting book - Lesson 5
  • Get Ready for the Code p. 31-33
  • Alpha-Phonics - Lesson 15 - first 3 lines (about 15 words read)
  • Practiced piano
AWANA Club - two hours

Lesson learned - over a week later I sat down tonight to update the blog with the kids work. I can't seem to find Conductor's checklist for today. Since I just overwrite each day's and do not save all the changes, I can't remember what he accomplished today. Hopefully it turns up and I can add it.

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