Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day #67/175 Days - Art Class

Today we attended our weekly art class. The children were given the chance to "throw" some clay on the pottery wheel. They each had two turns to make a pot and loved it. While they waited for their turn they were given clay to mold and create whatever they wished. My boys love these monthly art classes.

After class we headed to one of the local parks to eat lunch and kill some time until our piano lessons. The two younger boys played outside for about 20 minutes but it was cold so they didn't last long. Thankfully the time went by fast and we were soon off to piano.

Since I had my camera I brought it in and snapped a few photos. Conductor loves going to piano not only to learn more but to also play. They have a great set of Legos they have been letting him use and he has been very good with the set. Today they had pulled out a different building set for him to use. He loved it! (I am saying "they" as our teacher is a 19-year-old homeschool girl. We go to her house and her 15-year-old sister is there as well as their mom so we all have plenty of company.)

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