Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day #72/175 Days

Our schedule was a bit off today. We had a big winter storm moving in (we ended up with about 10 inches of new snow). As a result we headed to piano lessons in the morning. We had done a bit of school before we found out we could go over early so we spent some time in the afternoon doing some more.


  • Calculadder Drill (this is making a comeback in our homeschool and I am yet again reminded why I like it so much. I'm see huge improvements just in Happy in writing his numbers correctly and neatly.)
  • Piano Lessons
  • Bible study - read John chapter 6
  • Work on Times Alive for 20 mins (TOS Crew review product)
  • MUS online drill page (Lego-Man informed me that he doesn't remember his math facts. We are working on remedying that.)
  • Vocab Ahead video (TOS Crew review product)
  • Day 3 of the Sequential Spelling video
  • Practice piano
  • Complete state notebook
  • Read 3 chapters in Swiss Family Robinson
  • Read 3 chapters in John Adams: Public Servant
  • Spelling - Day 3 of Sequential Spelling
  • Practice piano
  • Create a cover for his state notebook
  • Finish all his state notebook pages
  • Read 3 chapters in Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Practice piano
  • Review Lesson 5 in Alpha-Phonics
  • Work in Get Ready for the Code

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