Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day #73/175 Days


  • Read John Chapter 7
  • Work on Times Alive for 20 mins (TOS Crew review product)
  • MUS Drill page for 20 mins
  • Work on TenMarks worksheets (TOS Crew review product)
  • Day 4 of Sequential Spelling
  • Practice the piano
  • Read Valley Forge by Richard Ammon
  • Read three chapters in Swiss Family Robinson
  • Read three chapters in John Adams: Public Servant (finished book)
  • Do 2 TenMarks worksheets (TOS Crew review product)
  • Complete 21C & 21D in MUS
  • Practice the piano
  • Read 3 chapters in Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Conductor narrated to me what the story was about to this point and we filled out a graphic organizer about the story.
  • We worked together to write his "Friend" essay for AWANA (this is an alternative to bringing a friend)
  • Created his notebook pages for his presidents notebook

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