Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #67/175 Days


  • TenMarks (TOS Review product)
  • Roman Town (TOS Review product)
  • Times Alive (TOS Review product)
  • History reading (John Adams and Swiss Family Robinson)
  • Read a Zoobooks on rhinos (he did this on his own with no prompting from me)
  • TenMarks (TOS Review product)
  • Roman Town (TOS Review product)
  • History Reading
  • Math-U-See (correct 20A and do 20B)
  • Get Ready for the Code pages 54-60
  • Alpha-Phonics - Lesson 5a
  • MUS 12C & 12D
I've been very pleased at how well Happy has been doing in his lessons. He has been very diligent in his work and he seems ready to learn. 

  • Watched "You Were There: George Washington." This was a video from Netflix that makes it look like reporters were interviewing George Washington while he was getting ready to cross the Delaware and another episode after he was made president (they watched this one later in the week.)

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