Friday, January 14, 2011

Day #70/175 Days


  • Read John Chapter 5
  • Work on Times Alive for 20 mins (TOS Crew product)
  • Work on MUS drill page (multiplication facts) for 20 mins
  • Do two TenMarks Worksheets (TOS Crew product)
  • Create five new flashcards for words from VocabAhead (TOS Crew product)
  • Day 2 of Sequential Spelling video
  • Practice piano
  • Complete state notebook pages/create cover for notebook
  • Read next three chapters in Swiss Family Robinson
  • Read next three chapters in John Adams: Public Servant
  • Read John Chapter 5
  • Complete MUS tests for Chapters 18, 19, & 20
  • Complete 2 TenMarks worksheets (TOS Crew product)
  • Do Day 2 of Sequential Spelling video
  • Practice piano
  • Work on state notebook
  • Read three chapters in Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Read for 20 mins in America in the Time of George Washington (he completed this today)
  • AWANA verses
  • Play Roman Town for 30 mins (TOS Crew product)
  • Watch a "Speekee" video (TOS Crew product)
  • Complete worksheets that go with Speekee
  • Practice piano

1 comment:

Family Forest said...

I just love that we were both on day 75 yesterday! Here's to the 100 countdown!