Monday, January 31, 2011

Day #77/175 Days - Fine Arts Co-Op

My sister & I are trying to get caught up on our Fine Arts co-op. We had planned out September to December back in August. We still have one more set of instruments and a composer left to cover from that original list. We had to cancel quite a bit this past fall, but I think we're on a roll again. I'll be making up a new list for our next few months soon. Any suggestions? We typically cover two instruments, a composer and an artist. I'll list all we've done so far at the end of the post.

Music Study
  •  Read about the viola in Story of the Orchestra
  • Listened to a track of a viola playing from the CD that goes with the book
  • Colored a picture of a viola (member section from abcteach)
  • Listed 4 things about the viola that they learned and created mini-book
  • Read about the clarinet in Story of the Orchestra
  • Listened to a track of a clarinet playing from the CD 
  • Colored a picture of a clarinet (again member section of abcteach)
  • Pulled out my old clarinet for everyone to have a turn trying to play. I played for eight years (grades 5-12).

  •  Listed four things learned and created mini-book
  • Read from The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers about Schubert.
  • Colored a coloring page of Schubert

Art Study

  • Watched Lesson 6 on our "God & the History of Art" DVDs. This covered the Dark Ages & Monasteries as well as illuminated manuscripts. 
  • Discussed book making ----> Bibles -----> Monks copying -----> cost of books ---->missions -----> persecution of Christians
  • Each boy was given a copy of their name done in a Celtic style font in order to color it. I found it here.
  • Watch "Fundamentals of Drawing Part 2" and complete all drawings taught
    • Still life (drawing a mug)
    • Rules of composition
  •  Read about Edgar Degas in Art in Story
  • Watched this video on YouTube with lots of paintings by Degas.
  • Read about Degas in Discovering Great Artists
  • Create crayon resistance drawing (this didn't work as well as I had hoped)

Instruments Studied so far:
  • violin
  • harpsichord
  • flute
  • piano
  • cello
  • organ
  • viola
  • clarinet
  • oboe
  • clavichord
  • saxophone
  • trumpet
  • cellesta
  • tubular bells
Composers studied so far:
  • Bach
  • Mozart
  • Haydn
  • Schubert
  • Handel
  • Chopin
  • Txhaikovsky
Artists studied so far:
  • Rembrandt
  • Botticelli
  • da Vinci
  • van Gogh
  • Monet
  • Degas

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