Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day #157/175 Days - Community Service

All of my boys are in a local 4-H club in our county. We started it last year and so far we've really enjoyed it. We've learned so much and had a number of great opportunities occur that we normally wouldn't be able to do.

Right now our club is heading up a county-wide fundraiser. We are putting together a cookbook of recipes in order to sell it to raise money. However, the printing costs were rather high. I think the number I heard was $700 for 250 cookbooks.

In order to bring in more money for the Leader Association which in turn puts on activities and off-sets costs for the kids in groups, we decided to look for sponsors. One day last week the boys & I went out and were able to gather a handful. However, today we spent the entire afternoon.

The deal was they had to each speak at each business. I would fill in the details but they had to start. A number of people thanked me for having the boys there and seeing them work for this project. While asking for money is not my favorite thing, I think this is a good skill for the boys to have.

The final result was that we needed at least 70 sponsors at $15 each to completely pay for the cookbook. The final total on Thursday afternoon was over 80. All the extra money will just stay in the leaders fund. We also had about 40 businesses pre-buy a copy of the cookbook.

I can't wait to see the final results when it comes out in August!

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