Friday, June 10, 2011

Day #162/175 Days


  • Math Drills
  • Wordly Wise - finish review puzzle
  • Phonics pages - pgs. 149 & 150
  • Complete Lesson 36 in handwriting
  • Practice piano
  • Mad Dog Math drill
  • Math Galaxy 
  • Read pgs. 28-31 in Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book #3
  • Read 2 chapters in Making Up Your Own Mind
  • Watch Lesson 30 & complete 30A in MUS
  • Complete Lesson 64 in Handwriting
  • Complete pgs. 101-103 in Wordly Wise and write out message
  • Fix pg. 38 & complete pg. 39 in Spelling Skills book
  • Practice piano
  • Read book of choice for 20 minutes
  • Read 2 chapters in Using Your Head
  • Mad Dog Math drill
  • Math Galaxy
Happy and Tots*
  • Lots of painting
  • Fun worksheets
  • Math (Happy)
  • Handwriting (Happy)
  • Geography (Happy)
*Up until this past year I used to babysit two children. I occasionally still have them and they show up in our homeschool routine when they are here. 

Mr. H coloring - kind of.

Miss H working on her "bug" worksheet.

In the afternoon we headed out to our 4H meeting. When Mr. & Miss H are with me, we typically keep to our regular schedule and just add them in. Today at our 4H meeting we watered and checked on our raised beds that are planted at the Extension Office.

Miss H helping to water.

We are also doing a drama/theater focus for our Education Exhibit and group project for the year. The kids are writing a play. It's basically an outline of what they want to do but most of the lines will be ad lib. Our teen leader is explaining the concept to them and telling them how it's all going to fall in to place. Our goal is to have this ready to perform at a few places this fall. 

We soon broke in to two groups - older kids (actual 4H age - 9 to 19) and younger kids (or Cloverbuds ages 5-8 with some extra younger siblings as well). The Cloverbuds had a story read to them (Jack's Garden) since we are also doing a "Kids Can Grow" project. 

Then they created a fun sunflower poster with the plan to enter them as a fair project. The idea and printables came from Lakeshore Learning

Mr. H showing off his sunflower coloring.

Happy working hard on his.

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