Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day #173/175 Days - Maine 4H Days

We did three sessions each today. We skipped the first one since the older boys had been put in a session for something we've already done (ATV safety and it ended up getting rained out anyway) and Happy didn't have a first session. We chose to leave a bit later instead which worked great.


  • Session #1 - GPS Treasure Hunt - It was pouring rain poor kid. He was a bit drenched. About mid-way through I ran and got an emergency poncho I had in the truck for him which helped a bit.
  • Session #2 - Exploring Lego Robotics - way fun!
  • Session #3 - Starting a Business that Pops! - This was put on by the same folks at the UMaine Innovations Engineering that we visited in April. The kids came up with a new popcorn flavor, created it, and worked on how they would market it.

  • Session #1 - Fly Fishing and Fly Rods - A great hands-on workshop where the kids could practice casting and be introduced to fly fishing.
  • Session #2 - GPS Treasure Hunt - He loved this! This was the same set-up for Lego-Man in the morning. There were cards hidden all over the fairgrounds and they used a GPS to find them. 
  • Session #3 - Exploring Lego Robotics. Conductor was over the moon about this session! Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for him to manage to finish the maze, but he was given a great introduction to the program.

  • Session #1 - Be a Beetle Buster - This was the same session Conductor did yesterday. It was about introducing the kids to some invasive insects that have managed to find their way to the US and New England. They were taught how to find them and what to do once they do find them (mark the area and tell a forest ranger). 
  • Session #2 - Exploring Science Through Bubbles. This was Happy's favorite session. His best quote of the whole weekend was said at this session...."I'm making science!"  The kids were given all kinds of every day objects to use in the homemade bubble solution. 
  • Session #3 - Theater for Cloverbuds. This was the only disappointing session for me. We actually left early in order to go check out the Lego Robotics one with Conductor. This session turned out to be just a "play" session with arts and crafts and dress-up clothes. The only great thing was that the kids could pick a costume and/or create one and keep it. Our local 4H group is putting on a play this fall and we were able to pick up part of Happy's costume.

Happy's "Asian Longhorned Beetle"

Making bubbles using cut-up straws and yarn

Making science! 

Using a "bubble cup" 

We opted not to go back on Sunday for activities. This was a great time though and we'll definitely be signing up next year!

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