Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day #165/175 Days - Community Service

I haven't been tracking all the things we do for Community Service, but I felt that this opportunity needed to count. A few years ago I was a part of our local MOPS Group (Mothers of Preschoolers) but I soon "graduated out." We then did a homeschool co-op for a bit, but that proved to be too much for us at the time. We are revisiting it for the future.

A call went out that they would be short workers for the last two MOPS meetings so the boys & I volunteered. Okay, so I volunteered the boys and we all headed in to help out. Conductor and Lego-Man helped with the MOPPETS (ages 2 to 6) and Happy & I hung out in the nursery.

The first week was pretty small. We had about five workers (not counting Happy) and only four babies. Needless to say that was a relatively easy week.

Today we had quite a few more as it was a "regular" MOPS week. (The previous week was a MOPS Bible study.) We had about 6-7 workers this week and a dozen babies. Overall it was great for Happy to be in there helping with me. I know he would have rather helped with the MOPPETS but too many of his friends come with younger siblings so I knew it wouldn't be a "helping" situation for him. It was in the nursery.

Lego-Man and Conductor arrived back sweaty and tired each week so I know they worked and played hard helping the little ones have a good time while their moms enjoyed some "kid-free/adult-only" chatting.

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