Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011


  • Watch "Multiplication 4" at Khan Academy and do all exercises
  • Fix pg. 36 and complete pg. 37 "Mileage Chart" 
  • Write each 'o' word twice and say out loud to me
  • Spelling: Write a story based on page 11's prompts. Add clip art for illustration. Email to me. Complete pg. 12
  • Writing: Fix errors on pgs. 69-70 and complete pgs. 71-72
  • Practice piano
  • Work on
  • Read pages 129-138 in Biology and do all "on your own" questions
  • Read Proverbs 10
  • Read Crispin: Cross of Lead for 20 minutes
  • Watch "Multiplication 2" at Khan Academy and do all exercises
  • Redo pgs. 18 & 19 of Math (I have a rule - they have to write their name on their paper. It's too hard to sort as often their handwriting is similar. If they forget, they have to redo the work. It usually only takes forgetting once or twice.) Complete pgs. 20-22
  • Redo Grammar page (name forgotten again....)
  • Writing: Write out each 'n' word twice (name forgotten again...) and write each 'o' word twice and say out loud to me
  • Easy Writing - fix errors as noted on pages 69-70 and complete pgs 71-72
  • Type up story from Spelling book and add clip art. Complete page 12.
  • Practice the piano and flashcards
  • Work on AWANA verses
  • Read Proverbs 10
  • Read Robin Hood for 20 minutes

Day #34/175 Days

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