Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011


  • Watch "Multiplication 8" at Khan Academy and do all exercises
  • Complete page 37 - "Mileage Chart" for math
  • Write each 's' words twice and say it out loud to me
  • Review writing pages 81-82 & note errors. Complete pages 83-84.
  • Practice the piano
  • Read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for 20 minutes
  • Work on AWANA verses
  • Read Proverbs 26

  • Watch "Why Lattice Multiplication Works" at Khan Academy & do all exercises
  • Go to Fun Brain and do 10 problems
  • Complete math pages 47-49
  • Write each 's' words twice and say it out loud to me
  • Complete spelling book pages 15-17
  • Complete writing pages 83-84
  • Practice the piano
  • Work on
  • Read Crispin: The Cross of Lead for 20 minutes
  • Read all of Module #8 and answer all on your own questions
  • Read Proverbs 26 and share one verse with me
  • Continue working on your approach paper for "The White Heron" - complete the summary section
  • Complete math page 30
  • Practice piano
  • Complete 'q' section on handwriting sheet
  • Complete Grammar Day 8
  • Play "The Reading Game" (skunk cards 1 & 2) - TOS Crew item
  • AWANA verses

The afternoon was spent doing an activity via Tanglewood 4H camp. Our 4H group coordinated them coming and to help allay the cost of the instructors, we opened it up to other homeschoolers. The younger group (ended up being about K-3) did an activity on fall. The older group (4th grade and up) did a team building exercise. I flitted between all the groups. There were four - two younger and two older - and my boys were all split up in to three of them. Some photos of the afternoon....

One of the older groups. They had to go through these squares like a maze. They had to figure out the path and help each other through. Similar to an electronic Simon Says game.

This poor bunny was confused and needed to call....

...the help line to figure out what it should do in the fall.

The younger group was completely enthralled with the whole thing.

The other older group working through their "maze." That's Lego-Man hopping through.

Almost done!

The youngers headed into the wooded area to check out what they could find for fall items. 

Then using packing tape around their wrists - sticky side out - they made fall bracelets. These were a hit!

We plan to do more classes. Tanglewood is a great program.

Day #45/175 Days

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