Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011 - Science Co-Op

Today was our Science day. We spend the morning at a co-op.

Lego-Man was upstairs with the high schoolers. This week they covered the experiments in Module #4:

Experiment 4.1 (Module #4)
Class Basidiomycetes
Experiment 4.2 (Module #4)
Yeast and the Fermentation Process
Experiment 4.3 (Module #4)
Molds and Mildews
Experiment 4.4 (Module #4)
Imperfect Fungi

Conductor & Happy were downstairs with me in the Considering God's Creation class. Today we covered Lessons 8 & 9 - Clouds and the Speed of Light, Wind, and Sound.

It was a nice day at co-op so after break all the younger kids headed outside to fly the kites we had made two weeks earlier.

After co-op the boys & I headed north to meet our new flock of sheep. I needed to gather information on them and wanted to do that without the stress of unloading and getting them settled in their new home. They are arriving on Saturday.

The ewes were all out in the pasture and didn't come near us. We had a dog with us and they didn't know us. I was able to snap a few photos all the same with my telephoto lens.

Only the sheared ones are mine. The ones with more fleece are a different breed. We are getting Navajo-Churro sheep which is an endangered breed. We'll be adding this in to our course work and each boy wants to train a lamb for the fair this year.

Day #32/175 Days

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