Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011


  • Watch "Multiplication 7" at Khan Academy & do all exercises
  • Complete pgs. 27-28 "Subtracting in Columns"
  • Write each 's' word twice and say out lout to me
  • Fix writing pages 79-80 and complete writing pages 81-82
  • Complete pages 21-22 in spelling book. Write out each spelling word twice.
  • Practice the piano
  • Read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for 20 minutes
  • Work on AWANA verses
  • Read Proverbs 24
  • Watch "Lattice Multiplication" at Khan Academy and do all exercises
  • Practice at Fun Brain - orders of operation
  • Complete pg.  46 in Math Mammoth
  • Write each 's' word twice and say out lout to me
  • Complete pgs 13-14 in spelling book
  • Complete writing pages 81-82
  • Practice the piano
  • Work at
  • Read Crispin: Cross of Lead for 20 minutes
  • Read all of Module #7 in biology and answer all on your own questions
  • Read Proverbs 24 and share with me one verse
  • Continue working on your approach paper for The White Heron - complete the "Key Passage" section and email me what you've done
Happy (plus Miss H & Mr. H)
Today I had the two children I used to babysit. Miss H is now four and Mr. H is almost three. We did school together at the table.
  • Working on learning "am, an, as, at, ax"
  • Practiced writing those words (Happy was the only one who could do this well.)
  • Used phonogram flashcards to go through the first 26 letters
  • Worked on 'A' lapbook/notebook elements
    • Color an alligator picture. Cut & paste to a different paper.
    • Color an apple. Cut & paste to a different paper.
    • Complete 'Aa' activity and add to notebook.
    • Create 'Aa' art book and add to notebook.
    • Complete 'Aa' writing page

Day #43/175 Days

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