Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011 - Field Trip

Every year in the fall one of our favorite museums hosts a couple of fun learning days for kids. We've never been able to go due to scheduling. We didn't make the one in September, but we did manage to make the one this month. It was their Earth Science Day.

There were lots of kids and vendors who were more than happy to explain what it was they were doing. Unfortunately, my camera battery died half-way through our visit and I didn't have my extra with me.

This gentleman explained how granite was split - with old-fashioned tools and then with newer ones. Then explained the unintended damage this did to the men's health. Yes, it was easier, but it ended up killing a lot of men too early due to all the dust they inhaled.

Porous pavement. I have to explain why I took the photo. I am married to an engineer. Every once in a while he makes me go on "engineering field trips" in which we drive around looking at retaining walls and such. A few years ago he made me go look at porous pavement. It was already on the road and it was raining. We had to drive over it. Yeah, it's exciting at times. ;-) Basically the water goes through the pavement rather than running off.  

Happy is using a solar powered fan. I think. The light is in my eyes so I can't tell.....

Poland Springs was there defending explaining why they changed their water bottles. The vials full of pellets in front (she's touching one on the right) shows how much plastic is used to make each type of bottle. 

We went outside and the same gentleman we first talked to showed the kids how granite used to be split. And yes, just before it split open my camera died. Trust me when I say it was really cool!

The boys had a great day and while it was busy we still had fun. 

Day #40/175 Days

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