Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 Co-Op Day

My sister came up today so we could do our mini-co-op together. I started out the day with a look at the President's. We studies James Madison & James Monroe today. However, I started the day with a couple of fun YouTube videos.

We then began looking at James Madison. We watched a short biography video of him on YouTube (my favorite video place for school these days). The boys worked on coloring pages of James Madison (I'm using ones from this site for each President) while I read from the Scholastic: Encyclopedia of the Presidents & Their Times. Then they created their notebook pages for him. We did similar work for James Monroe. We watched this video and did all the same types of work for him as well.

In our state study we covered Georgia. My sister took lead on this one. She has been making up bookmarks for the kids for each state. They had an informational sheet and coloring page to work on while she read out loud from Georgia: Facts & Symbols by Emily McAuliffe. The boys completed notebooking pages and a Georgia mapping skills sheet. They also labeled a blank map with key points. Finally they worked through a reading comprehension set together.

Day #29/175 Days

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Cowboy Chronicles said...

Trying to connect History topics and would love if you could join in my first ever History Hop. This post of yours shows people how easy it can be to learn some history. Thanks