Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day #127/175 Days - Co-Op/Field Trip

At co-op today we had a Registered Maine Guide come in to class. He taught the kids about how to use a compass - how to read it, how to find direction, and how to use it to travel. He discussed this quite a bit inside the classroom and then we headed outside. He showed the kids what a "pace" was and each was handed a nickel with a different year printed on it. Each child placed it on the ground and then proceeded to walk ten paces south, west, east, and then north. They were to end up back by their nickel. Most did. Some didn't, but it was a lot of fun. The Guide was a retired military man and it showed when he taught the kids how to "fall in" and line up. 

Conductor: My favorite part was using the compasses to track our steps walking back and forth between the clumps of grass. (I think he's referring to when the Guide showed them how to figure out their pace. They had to walk between to two clumps of grass and count how many steps they took.)

After this we had snack. Since today is Cinco de Mayo we had chips and salsa. The older kids went in to their science class to find out what their assignment for this week would be. The younger kids gathered and heard a bit about what Cinco de Mayo is and why it is celebrated. Then they made maracas out of plastic cups and also made tissue paper flowers.

We were short on time today since we were heading to see a play immediately after class. The play was held at the Waterville Opera House. They do school productions four times a year. Today it was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It was put on by a troop of actors who also sign the plays. There were at least two actors who were deaf. All the voices were pre-recorded (I think) & sent over the loud speaker system as the actors mouthed them and signed. It was an excellent production and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lego-Man: My favorite thing about the play was when the actors started saying "chocolate! chocolate!"
Happy: I loved it! My favorite part was when the guy went in to the river and said "I can't swim!" (I have such bloodthirsty kids!)

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