Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day #137/175 Days

"Rowing" Ping with Happy & Miss H - we finished our notebooks today.

We did math......
They each colored all the members of Ping's Family different colors.
Miss H's is on the right (the neat one!) and Happy's is on the left.

We added a map with the story disk on it....

We did science...

We did a "sink or float" experiment. I asked each of them what they thought and then we put it in and recorded what the item actually did. They loved this.

Yes, they each have a hand in here. I finally had to put them all in & out of the water. Sometimes they act a lot like siblings!

Finally I had them watch some YouTube videos about ducks using this playlist I found there. Then we finished up by making a "different types of ducks" page. This page originally had a bunch of duck shapes (like the one with words on it) & they we all put together in to a shape book about ducks. I cut out only one and then the different duck photos that were also there. They colored the white duck yellow and then added all the different photos of various ducks. We circled the white "Peking duck."

Miss H coloring her duck.

Final pages:

We'll be "rowing" Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel next week.

No together school today.

Train study with Conductor:
  • Copywork with today's quote.
  • WOW Words
  • Looked up information on the Erie Canal and watched this video and this video.
  • Discussed what locomotives do and their purpose. 
  • Conductor correctly labeled this entire locomotive with no help and no prompts and not even reading the story that went with it.

  • We also designed another notebook page in MSWord about the three different types of locomotives.
  • Conductor colored a very colorful photo of a locomotive for his notebook.
Lego-Man did Chapter 2 his Narnia study. He is reading The Magician's Nephew.

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