Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day #136/175 Days - Co-Op

Today in co-op we studied Australia - the land down under. We had a wonderful lady come in (the mom of the lady who started the co-op) who had been to visit a few years ago. She had some wonderful things to share. Above are Conductor's notebook pages and below are Happy's. I'm thrilled with how well Happy is progressing with his writing. At the start of our co-op just a few weeks ago he refused/couldn't write something like "Australia" at all.

In the ecology class - Lego-Man and the rest of his classmates played "Ecology Jeopardy." They had a blast and the boys were thrilled to win. They did start polling all the adults though as to what "plankton" really was - as that was a question. A couple phones came out and the internet was consulted for the final answer. As one mom pointed out, it's doubtful any of those kids will ever forget the answer. 

Conductor's baseball game was cancelled and H&H were here for an extended period so I packed everyone up around 3:30 and we headed to the library. The kids love picking out new books and our little small town library (actually in the next town over) is wonderful

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