Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day #139/175 Days (Co-Op)

We had a visit today from Fireman Rick. He was fantastic with the kids. He talked to them about fire safety & what to do in case of a fire - even crawling on the table to show them how to do it! Loved it! Then he put on all of his gear & talked about what each piece does. Considering it was still a really hot day, this was above and beyond I think. He did mention it felt a bit like having a snowsuit on at the beach. He didn't stay in all his gear long. Here are a few photos of him talking and in his gear.

Then the older students came in to give the younger students a presentation on ecology. As part of the ecology class each student (or pair) put together a presentation on a "community." For instance, Lego-Man did one on an "air community" and a smaller one on a "forest community." These kids did a great job.

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