Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day #135/175 Days

Happy & Miss H "Rowing" Ping

Today we discussed literature, fiction, and stories. Yeah, I talked and then said "What's next?!" It was fun. I printed each a set of story sequencing cards and had them color them (another HomeschoolShare resource).

Then the fun began. I laminated each page and cut out the cards. They had only heard the story twice so wasn't really certain about putting them in order, but that didn't stop Miss H from lining them up.

Our Ping study will be condensed into three days as we have co-op on Wednesday and I'll be gone on Friday. So today we tackled what I had planned for Wednesday. We talked about the pictures in the book and the illustrator. Then I read the kids a poem and had them "illustrate" it. Here are the results:

Miss H on the left & Happy on the right.

Together School:
  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • America the Beautiful
  • Poem
  • Read aloud
  • Matthew Chapter 25
  • Devotional - Family Walk
  • Hymn Study - sang "Trust & Obey" again

Train study with Conductor:
Day 2 of the study had us again doing copywork and WOW words. He's doing well writing these and doesn't complain at all which is nice.

Today we looked at Scotland and located it on a map. This is where James Watt is from and he is the person we looked at yesterday. We also talked about different train cars or "rolling stock." I went online and searched images of the various types. We put together a notebook page using MSWord. 

The photo below is of Conductor while working on his project today. He is cutting out train cars and we then glued them to a piece of cardstock.

Today Lego-Man started on his Narnia lapbook. I am planning to have him use Further Up and Further In next year but may start him early. For now we're using a lapbook from (where else?) HomeschoolShare. Right now I only have him doing one chapter a day but that will probably change.

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