Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day #11/175 Days

Our 4-H group is participating in a fun project right now. It’s called “Money Camp.” Today was our second time meeting. The kids presented the projects they were going to work on to make some money.

Let me back up a bit. They kids who are participating in this series of classes are being encouraged to come up with their own small business idea. They are to think of something they can create, create it, market it, and then sell it. This will also help them when they get ready to do their 4-H projects next year.

Their homework was to come up with their product. Before we disussed that too much, however, the teacher showed a number of products she bought from a 4-H booth at one of the fairs. This gave everyone an idea on how to price items and what to make.

Then they went around the room and shared what they planned to do.

For instance…one girl is going to make bath salts and things of that nature. We brainstormed ways she could package them to make them look really nice. One boy is going to make duct tape belts and wallets. We talked about how he could possibly do custom orders while selling them.

My two boys who are old enough to be full-fledge 4-H members are going to participate as well. Lego-Man will be making photo collages to sell. Conductor will be making paper airplanes. We came up with a catapult design that really flies well. He could also potentially do custom orders as these are not time consuming to make.

We meet again in a couple of weeks and will continue finalizing plans to get a tables at local craft fairs.

I know that this money camp was another reason I decided to start my own Etsy store. 4-H is not just for kids!


We had two hours of AWANA club tonight as well.

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