Monday, September 6, 2010

Day #2/175 Days - Field Trip

I'm continuing to "sneak" in days of schooling without the boys knowing or guessing or well, it's not "formal" stuff yet. I have had friends tell me to follow my own advice, so that is what I am doing.

Even though today was Labor Day, my hubby decided to work. He wants Friday off instead. Since Daddy wasn't home, we I decided to take the boys on a hike. Even having a friend overnight didn't stop me, I just brought him along.

This waterfall is only about 20 minutes away from us. The boys had gone with me once before but didn't remember. It had been a couple of years. It's very pretty. We only saw two other families. One was hiking out as we were hiking in and the other was hiking in while we were hiking out. We had the whole area pretty much to ourselves.

The falls are pretty. The highest one is just as your enter, but you can continue to walk up and further in to see smaller ones. All told we spent about 30 minutes in the woods.

The boys also played a ton of Wii games today - mostly Wii sports. They enjoyed a rousing game of hide-n-seek as well. Since we live on 100 acres, they have plenty of spots to hide!

Lego-Man and his friend also went for a walk in the afternoon on the logging roads behind our house.

Conductor was a bit jealous of Lego-Mans's nice walking stick so he decided to make one. He took a piece of slat wood and spent the afternoon sanding it down. He did a really nice job on it. He worked hard and was very diligent in finishing the task he set before himself.

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