Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day #8/175 Days – Co-Op

Today was our first official co-op day.  There are things that will need to be tweaked still but overall it’s working out okay. We have three groups and while I started out in the middle group, I’ll be with the older group most of the time. Our group breakdown is ages 5-7, ages 8-11, and ages 12 & up.

Today the children presented their projects they had created on the geography or climate or animals of Maine. The older group whizzed through this and after snack they had a rousing game of kick-ball – boys vs. girls. The girls came back from being down 10 to nothing to loose by only one point. They’ve asked to keep playing next week.


Our next get together – on the 29th – will focus on the history of Maine. At the end of class, they children each drew randomly a 25 year period from 1700 up to 2010. They will then present 1-2 things that occurred that affected Maine history. We hope to create a timeline of their findings.

After a break for lunch and time to play on the playground, we headed to L.C. Bates Museum for the second of five classes we’re taking there.

Class began outside today with dress up clothes. All the children sat on the steps and a few were selected to try on clothes like those worn in the late 1800s-early 1900s. They kids had a great time with this.

After we split in to our two groups. The older kids (ages 9 & up) went in to the classroom and watched a slide show of old photos taken in a nearby town. It was fun to try to pinpoint where the spots were now in modern times. While they did this the younger kids were outside playing with old-fashioned toys. Apparently they had a fantastic time.

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