Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day #3/175 Days

Here is an "unschooling" day....

  • Happy & Conductor played a game of Made for Trade
  • Conductor finished working on his walking stick.
  • All the boys played outside for over an hour this afternoon.
  • They played some Wii sports this morning (before they lost the TV remote and thus lost all TV, Wii, and computer privileges for the day. This is an ongoing issue.)
  • Lego-Man read quite a bit (more than an hour).
  • They all watched a "digital field trip" of a desert. This is a review product so more will be coming on that later. It was cool though.
  • They played more games tonight with Daddy.
  • They listened to audio books (Lego-Man listened to Your Story Hour & the two younger boys listened to Magic Tree House).

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