Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day #14/175 days – Co-Op

To say our homeschooling co-op days are busy would be a huge understatement. We left the house at 8am and didn’t arrive back home until about 4:30pm.

Our co-op is currently focusing on Maine studies. Today the children presented their projects on Maine history. They each randomly picked a 25 year history period and had to find at least one thing that occurred during that time frame and present it to the group.

We also had them construct a simple timeline. We hung a large piece of yellow yarn in the hallway. Each group was assigned a 3x5 index card in a certain color (5-7 year olds = white, 8-11 year olds = blue, and 12+ = yellow). They each wrote one fact on the card and then hung it in the hallway in the proper spot.

Once again my 12+ group finished all their projects before snack time. I had them pick their topics for next meeting. We are focusing on famous people. I convinced a few of them to take two people so maybe we’ll be able to spread it out a bit more.

The older group once again headed out to the softball field for a game of kickball. This time it was two girls/two boys on each team. It was also hot! As in almost 80 degrees at the send of September! They played for about 45 minutes (so PE is covered for this group of kids including Lego-Man).

From here we headed to the local park and I let the boys have some more fun time (PE!) after we ate lunch. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time from the end of co-op until our classes start at LC Bates – we do.

We also took the time to drop off our year end paperwork for 4-H (yeah!).

The class at LC Bates today (for the younger group) was all about school in the early 1900s. I took a lot of photos but since many other kids are visible in them I’ll only be posting a few of Happy.

Our teacher today was Miss Serena (she is fabulous btw!).


She is holding an original book used at the Good-Will Hinckely School for boys during that time. She taught the kids about how the children back then would have to sit quietly and with correct posture (sit up straight!) and raise their hand and (gasp!) line up alphabetically to go anywhere. They had some practice with this since we began upstairs in the museum, went downstairs for some in class time, outside for some game time, and back inside so the kids could try the quills/pens and ink, chalk, and other school items.


The kids (and moms) had a great time learning with Miss Serena.

It was fun to watch the kids try to write on the slates (originals again!) and chalk.


They were suppose to write their name four times on the slate to practice penmanship.  


I was amazed at how well Happy wrote his two “A’s”! He never writes this well for me. I may have to put in a bigger chalkboard.

I was disappointed to find out that the older kids had done the toy segment today. Last time the younger group did it and I was with the older group then. I’m hoping some of the moms in the older group snapped some photos.

We have two more classes at LC Bates and then we’re ending with a field trip to the Maine State Museum (one of my favorite places to go!)

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