Monday, September 27, 2010

Day #12/175 Days – Fine Arts Co-Op

Today was our second time trying our “Fine Arts” mini co-op with my sister. It’s definitely a challenge at times to make the boys understand this is school time and not play time. They get about 20-30 minutes when we first start to play while my sister and I get ready to go. Then we have at least an hour for lunch (it only takes them half that time to eat) and then they have more time at the end to play as well.

We really do cover a lot of ground which is good since we only meet twice a month.

  • Read in Story of the Orchestra about the flute.
  • Listened to the track in SOTO as well.
  • Pulled out a real flute for the boys to try out. They were all able to make a sound with it. (Happy did not get to try as he’s just getting over being ill.)
  • Listed four things on the chalkboard that they learned about the flute.
  • Copied three of them in to their mini-books on the flute
  • Read about the piano in Story of the Orchestra
  • Listened to the track with the piano (all the boys are either currently taking lessons on the piano – mine- or have in the past – my nephew)
  • List four things on the chalkboard about the piano
  • Copy three of them in to their mini-book on the piano
  • Our composer today was Mozart. We read about him in Meet the Great Composers.
  • We also use the Young Scholar’s Guide to the Composers as well and as my sister reads from there they boys fill in the Student Review pages.
  • List four things about Mozart on the chalkboard.
  • Pick two to write in the mini-book on him.
  • Listen to some of his work on the CD from Meet the Great Composers

LUNCH BREAK! The boys were off and running. I did get a bit distracted this morning and never mentioned it to the boys as I didn’t want to disrupt the flow of work. These “things” have been visiting our yard just about daily:


After lunch we began our art study. We are covering art history, an artist study, and art application. For art history we are using videos by Barry Stebbing. We are also using videos from him for our art application. We are using a variety of resources for our artist study. Since I lead the art study, there aren’t any photos. I’ll have to have my sister snap some next time.

  • Watch Lesson 2 in “God & the History of Art” on The 2nd Commandment and how this pertains to art. Discuss.
  • Watch Lesson 1 in “Beginning Drawing” (only did the first 10 mins) The boys drew basic geometric shapes, a pencil, a paintbrush, and a 3D object.
  • Discussed how basic shapes show up in all drawings.
  • Read about Botticelli in Art in Story
  • Viewed some of his paintings online including:
    • Primavera
    • Man with a Medal
    • The Magnificat
    • Madonna of the Book (rectangle and round shapes)
    • The Annunciation
    • Adoration of the Magi
  • Discuss the paintings – using Art in Story
  • Used Discovering Great Artists and had the boys create a drawing on round paper.

We broke here for a walk in the woods. It has been raining a lot lately and this seemed like a good time to burn off some energy since it wasn’t currently raining. We took to the logging roads behind my house.


At each intersection we took turns picking which direction to go. This helped lengthen the walk. We spent 30 minutes enjoying the fall day. And this was near the end of our walk…


Our favorite spot on our property – the town line. The boys are in two places at once!

When we returned we discussed the different things we had seen on our fall walk. We talked about Botticelli’s paintings Primavera which is intended to depict spring and the things about it that would suggest that. We also looked at his painting “Autumn” and what would suggest that season in the painting. They then had to create a drawing of what fall/autumn means to them.

Next time we’ll be studying the cello and organ and Haydn during our music study. We’ll continue with our art history and art application lessons but I’m not sure who we will do for our artist yet. We forgot to make a list of those to study at the start of the year so I just pick one when putting together our check list.

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