Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day #13/175 Days

Did I mention we’re getting off to a pathetically slow start this year? My fault entirely.

Today was a very quiet day. The boys worked on their CBC Homeschooling projects which are – ohhhh…. – due tomorrow. And it’s on a 25 year period of Maine history.

Lego-Man received 1926-1950. He is focusing on WWII and the air bases in Maine. He discovered some interesting facts about the Bangor International Airport so plans to share that.

Conductor received 2001-2010. I have to say I absolutely love what he came up with completely and totally on his own. I told him we needed to look at what happened in Maine history. He replied, “Mom, I was born, doesn’t that count?” Absolutely my son! We put together a simple genealogy chart and he is bringing in a small 5x7 album I made of him after he was born. I love this kid.

Happy, well, happy has to rely fully and totally on me since he can neither read nor write quite yet. I swapped his dates with another mom who really wanted 1976-2000. We ended up with 1776-1800. Since I can’t typically be there to help him with his report since I’m supposed to be supervising the teen room, I knew it had to be simple and easy. It was…Maine people wanted to be separate from Massachusetts. It took them 40 years. Here is a map of what the colonies looked like then (see how tiny Maine was?) and here is a map of what we look like today. The end.

Due to the large amount of time moms were having to put in on the projects for the 5-7 year old group, we are doing away with them. (Yeah!) Starting this coming week they will be working on a lapbook based on Blueberries for Sal and studying Maine, the book, and bears.

Our afternoon was once again full with piano lessons. I’m loving piano lessons!

As soon as we were done at piano lessons I checked my cell phone and saw that my hubby had left me a message. He had left last Friday for camp to go moose hunting. A huge deal since they only give out so many permits for this each year and he finally was picked during the lottery this past summer. He was letting us know he had shot a moose on Monday and was home (!!!) with it right then so we needed to get there quick to see it before he took it to the butcher! The rest of our afternoon plans were cancelled - much to the boy's delight (grocery shopping was on the agenda) and we headed home to get a lesson in moose anatomy.

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