Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day #107/175 Days


  • AWANA verses
  • Complete MUS 24D
  • Phonics workbook pgs. 36-38
  • Wordly Wise p. 25-26 complete 4A
  • Complete p. 9
  • Practice piano
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Complete 25B MUS
  • Wordly Wise - complete 2A & 2B
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Practice piano

We all took a field trip in the afternoon to a local bakery called The Bankery (it's housed in an old bank). This was part of our "Money Camp" that we did through 4H this fall. We talked to one of the owners about starting your own business and all that entailed. He was very gracious. Although, I think the favorite part for my boys was the end. I let them each pick something from the bakery to take home. I snagged a blueberry scone. SO yummy!

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