Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #108/175 Days (Fine Arts Co-Op)

Due to my sister's work schedule, we've been playing with our schedule for our Fine Arts Co-Op. This week we had it on Thursday. This also worked as both my sister & BIL had to work tomorrow so my nephew stayed overnight. Here is what we accomplished today:


  • Read about xylophone in Story of the Orchestra
  • Watched a video on YouTube of it being played
  • Create mini-book about xylophone
  • Read about the timpani in Story of the Orchestra
  • Listened to Track 31 on the CD
  • Watched this video on YouTube of a timpani solo (impressive!)
  • Created mini-book about timpani
  • Read from Lives of the Musicians (new book) pgs. 49-53 about Brahms
  • Read from Meet the Great Composers
  • Created mini-book about Brahms
  • Watched Lesson 9 in "God & The History of Art" on "The Reformation"
  • Watched art lesson on "Perspective Drawing" in "Beginning Drawing"
    • High Horizon line
    • Low Horizon line
    • 1 & 2 point perspective drawing
I love how hard he is concentrating here. Tongue & all!

  • Read about Jackson Pollock in Art in Story
  • Watched this video and this video on YouTube about Pollock. The first shows Pollock in action and the second shows his Top 20 paintings
  • Of course, no study of Pollock would be complete without having a go at some "action painting" of our own!
Happy just discovered the joy of "spatter painting."

Happy's work.

Conductor's go at it. He used just white & blue.

Lego-Man had the best time of all I think.

Our day ended by listening to Story of the World Volume 2 (just started) as we drove to AWANA. AWANA Club for two hours in the evening. The boys always have a good time with this.

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