Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day #98/175 Days - Field Trip

Today we headed to the local opera house to see a play. They typically host four a year (two in the fall and two in the spring). Although, this year I think they only did two and the one this fall was geared more towards high school age.

A brief synopsis of the play:
Young Astra grows up with the woodland fairies. She loves to watch the the fascinating humans that live in the nearby castle. She soon learns that she is not a fairy, but rather a human as well. Her fairy parents send her to learn of her birth from the midwife that saved her life. Her mother had died during childbirth and her grandfather blamed Astra (Perdita is the name she was given by the midwife) for this tragedy and wanted her killed. The midwife instead gave her to the fairies as she had also been brought up by the fairies.

The young prince of the castle must find a wife. His parents continue to host balls and festivals in hopes he will find a suitable bride. He fondly remembers dancing with the fairies in the forest and feels more at home there.

One day he meets Astra/Perdita in the forest after being robbed by brigands. She is taken away by her fairy friends, however, and the prince cannot find her.

In a Cinderella-like moment, she arrives at the ball in human clothes rather than the "tattercoat" dress she wore in the fairy-land. The prince and Perdita live happily ever after.

It was a great play with lots of humor tossed in. I know all of my boys enjoyed it. Here are some photos from the day (I was sitting in the balcony):

Meeting "Tattercoats" aka Astra aka Perdita 

The guy on the left is the servant. He was a riot! Great slapstick!

Astra learning of her birth. 
The midwife was great. Her hat fell off and she never stopped.

The midwife when she was "younger" holding "baby" Perdita. 
Off to the side was the older midwife and Perdiate "watching" past
events unfold. This young "midwife" and the older "midwife" spoke their lines in unison.
It was a really great scene!

The fairy family meeting baby Astra/Perdita.

The prince being rebellious. 

The brigands. Lego-Man loved these two.

Perdita meeting the prince.

Some of the royals. 

Perdita arriving at the ball.

Perdita meeting her grandfather. I loved how much hair they put on this guy!

The final "dance." The young girl off to the left is a scorned princess. 

We have started listening to The Story of the World Volume 1 in our vehicle while driving. The two hour round trip today gave us lots of time to listen. Jim Weiss is so nice to listen to! 

The boys also ended their day at AWANA. Happy earned his Wing Runner Rank patch! It took him 1-1/2 years to finish his first Spark book, so he was been in the second book about four months at this point. 

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