Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day #97/175 Days - Fine Arts Co-Op

I had my nephew for a couple nights this week due to my sister's and BIL's work schedule. Since he was going to be here anyway, we decided I would just teach the co-op material alone on Wednesday while he was here. It went well.

We learned about the French horn. We read from Story of the Orchestra and watched these two videos on YouTube:

We also created our mini-book using the resource from Homeschool Share.

We moved on to the bassoon after. Again, reading from The Story of the Orchestra and creating our mini-books. We watched these two videos as well...

We moved on to reading about Franz Liszt in our Young Composers book. The boys filled out the student review pages while I read and then we went over the answers together after. They also shared one thing they learned and then created a mini-book for their notebooks.

After lunch we moved on to art.

  • We watched Lesson 8 in our "God & The History of Art" DVDs on "The Renaissance." (These are really great DVDs and I highly recommend them. Mr. Stebbing is excellent.)
  • We moved on to "Perspective Drawing" - again taught by Mr. Stebbing. This is part of the "Fundamentals of Beginning Drawing." Today the boys created a landscape drawing. 
  • We then started our study on Michelangelo. I read about him in Art in Story (excellent resource).
At this point I was a tad tired so I cut the boys some slack. All the really wanted to do at this point was go play so I let them. However, that meant spending time building with Legos while listening to Adventures in Odyssey and I still count that as "school time."

They also did four "laps" due to some behavior issues earlier in the day. This means they have to either walk or run from our house over to Grandpa's garage. It's about 100 yards one way. A "lap" is over and back.

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