Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #112/175 Days

Together School

  • CalcuLadder Drill
  • Family Walk - Read Mark chapters 6 & 7
  • "Popcorn" Prayer
  • Sang "Amazing Grace"
  • "PE" - boys did two "laps" (from our house to their Grandfather's garage and back is one lap - it's about 100 yards one way. They can walk or run or ride their bikes.)
  • Read two chapters in By the Shores of Silver Lake
  • Read one chapter in True to the Last
  • Read The Tale of Three Trees and completed 2 lapbook elements. We are doing this lapbook in light of Easter. It can be found HERE at Homeschool Share. The link is just under the photo of the book.
  • Watched "Scale of the Solar System" on Khan Academy. 
  • Watched "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" - we've listened to Classics for Kids version often so this was a neat way to add to that knowledge
  • Piano Practice

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