Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day #106/175 Days (Art Class)

Today we headed north for our monthly art class. I know I'm really enjoying these classes and I'm pretty sure the boys are as well. They get to be messy and try new things. Today the focus was masks. The boys went in with a general idea of what they wanted to create. I was amazed at how big these things ended up!

Karen used a neat technique but I didn't get all the details. She used recycled paper and cardboard. During the week she spent time coating them with a substance that was toxic actually. However, when it dries, it's safe to be handled and it's sticky - think contact paper sticky. She helped the kids construct their frame from cardboard...

Happy started out as a "space shuttle" but morphed in to a "alien."

Conductor was aiming for a "dragon."

Then they added the paper "skin." Unlike paper mache, they only needed one layer. Here is Conductor with his frame covered.

Then they were given other items to tape on to help create the shape such as TP rolls, foam shapes, etc. They had a blast. Then the really messy part started....painting!

Lego-Man is working on his "Grim Pig" mask.

Spray paint would have been faster and less messy, but the kids loved it all anyway.

We even managed a group photo before everyone left. The kids did a really great job with this project! Even though a lot of them ran out of time on painting, they still had fun. We still need to finish up our painting, but I'll be getting spray paint and doing this outside! 

Karen - our teacher - is the only one without a mask.

We've also been listening to Story of the World on CD while we're driving. We're in Volume 1 right now. I plan to go through all four volumes this way - just listening right now. Our day ended with piano lessons.

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