Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day #101/175 Days (Children's Museum)

This morning I spent time with the older boys working on what we'll be using for next year. I'll share those plans later - they are still a work in progress.

We then spent two hours at the Children's Museum. We had fun - of course. We just wish we could have stayed longer. Entering as a group allowed us a discount but also meant we had a two hour time limit. Here are some photos:

He doesn't have a dirty mustache - honest. He was sick recently & it's a chapped area of skin still healing. At least I think that's it.....
Conductor seemed to enjoy sitting on plastic animals. Here he is on Wilbur.

Hanging out in Brazil. 

The three crazy boys.

Working hard loading packages on the cargo ship.

The group who went today minus three little girls who were still playing.

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