Friday, March 12, 2010

Day #95/175 Days

Together School:

  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • National Anthem
  • Read Aloud book
  • Matthew Chapter 11
  • Lent Devotional
We played two of our new games..."Plot and Plan" - 

The goal is to get your pieces from one corner of the board (the start) to other (home base). Yellow & red start opposite each other as do blue & red. There are two dice included. They was suppose to be one red and one black. We had two black so I just switched one out for a white die. You roll both die. There are two axis marked on the board - one black and one red. The black die determines how many spaces you move along the black axis. The red white die determines how many along the red. The goal is to get to home base. Along the way though, you can take our your opponent. The white area in the middle was free hunting for this part of the game. The shaded areas around home base were safe. 

It took a lot of thinking. See - I lost a piece already. I was playing yellow.

The next game we played was called "Round Up." 

The goal here was to "round up" or pen in as many sheep as you could. This game was actually more complicated than the last. It had many different variables. There was a black sheep that allowed you to assign points to other players. There was a wolf that would allow you to either have to deduct points from yourself or add them to other players - depending on how it was played. The hunter (the red one above) cancelled out all that. In the little purple circles were also either one star (go again), two starts (go twice), one arrow (skip the next person), and two arrows (reverse play). I think we played it right and it was fun. This is Conductor's favorite game thus far and he's been playing it on his own. 

These were both purchased from Educators Outlet as part of their 80% off sale. I paid about $2 for each of them. Round Up is still available. List price is $2.50 but I'm sure there was a further discount taken at checkout. Plot and Plan is also still available listed for $2.75. 

AWANA club - 2 hours.

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