Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day #89/175 Days (Co-Op Day)

Today was our second co-op meeting.  Last week we learned about China and had about eight kids in the class. This week we focused on Slovakia and had 17 kids come! Wow!

The lady who has been putting this all together has been able to find some ladies who have actually lived in these countries to come in and talk to the kids. This week we had Miss Petra come and she had all kinds of things to bring and show to the kids.

These decorated eggs were amazing. So delicate and intricately designed. As a craft, the kids later used crayons to put designs on the eggs and then dyed them. This was, of course, the cause of much fun.

This was just a small portion of what Miss Petra had brought to share. It covered two long tables. Here you can see some traditional dolls, some corn husk dolls, traditional dress and ribbons plus lots and lots of photographs. She said that her family goes back to visit every other year.

We started the class learning stats about the country. Then Miss Petra came to talk. The kids also enjoyed some peppermint tea (or water) and some bundt cake (all traditions of Slovakia). Miss Petra did an excellent job teaching us how to say a few words (hello, goodbye, thank you) and was wonderful about sharing all of her information with the kids.

Next week we are headed to Egypt!