Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day #102/175 Days (Co-Op Day)

Today at Co-Op we learned about the country of Haiti. Obviously this has been in the news lately. We had to change up our schedule a bit so this past weekend we thought to do this. Our plan was to ask for donations Sunday morning at church (which we did) and then have the kids count and roll the money and make a donation. The friend that thought up the co-op concept and I help was going to teach about earthquakes and I was going to do the country facts and the craft. Unfortunately, her son ended up becoming very sick the night before so I was on my own. Another friend stepped in to do the earthquake part and we are putting off rolling money until next week. 

The kids seemed to have fun once again. We learned about the country. We learned about earthquakes and did a pretty neat hands-on visual about how they work (Take a shallow box and cut it in half. Overlap the two halves. Place sand or sugar - which is what we used - in to the box. Move the box apart to see what happens and then move it together to see what happens. The kids loved it.) We had fresh pineapple, mango, and bananas for snack. I also talked about how many Haitians have a Creole heritage and also celebrate Mardi Gras so we had to make Mardi Gras masks. The kids really loved those. I'm modeling my sample and Conductor is showing off his as well - while eating a Popsicle. He's multi-tasking. 

We will be continuing our geography study in two more weeks while traveling to Kenya. Next week we'll be counting and rolling change for our Haiti donations. Then we have a dental hygienist coming in to talk to the kiddos.

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