Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day #94/175 Days (Co-Op & Field Trip)

Since deciding in the fall to post my homeschool record as a blog, we've actually accomplished more days at this point then we ever have in the past. Yeah!

It was a busy day today but worth it.

We started out heading to church for our little geography co-op. Unfortunately, the gal who was suppose to lead today was home with a sick kiddo. That left me and another gal throwing together some stuff to teach the kids about Egypt (we knew about this yesterday). Actually, the gal who was suppose to teach did send us all she had planned to use. We just felt the need to add more - a lot of which we just sent home with the kids.

Since I was teaching today I have ZERO photos of the co-op. I did just take photos of two of the crafts we did though....
The bookmark says "Read a Book" on one side and the same thing in hieroglyphics on the reverse. The kids colored them and then I brought in my heat laminator (any reason to use it really) and laminated the bookmarks for them. 

The other project is "sand paper" art. Just pieces of sandpaper and then they drew a picture on it using crayons. I told them they didn't have to draw anything Egyptian unless they wanted to. Two out of three (at least my boys) chose not too. I think I see some triangle shapes in Happy's photo to the far right so I'm calling them pyramids.

Our snack was hummus and wasa wafers and animal crackers (camels!!) for anyone who didn't want hummus. There was water to drink, of course, since a large part of Egypt is desert. 

We had music to listen to and my co-teacher today had even downloaded some videos to her laptop for the kids to watch. Overall it worked well and the kids had a blast - which is always the important part I think.

Co-op ended early today as a few of us were heading to the city. The Opera House there puts on four plays a year for kids. We've been to one a couple of years ago but due to the nature of it (Toying with Science) the place was packed. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it again. This time, though, it was a real play and sadly, my boys have never been. So we went. Even though the play was called Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. (The link takes you to a review of the play done elsewhere - but shares the basic plot and such.)  Apparently Mrs. Slinger was supposed to be Mr. but I didn't know that and neither did my  boys. We all loved it - even Lego-Man - in all of his thirteen years of age. It was funny. It made some excellent points about how to treat others and friendship. I was so glad we went.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

We ended the day with grocery shopping. Not nearly as exciting as the rest.

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