Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day #103/175 Days

I'm still working on getting back on schedule and tweaking what we are doing. This week has been kind of crazy with outside activities. This morning we spent time doing:

  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Reading aloud - two chapters in our Terrestria Chronicles book
  • Catching up on our Easter devotional book - we were almost a week behind.
  • Watching an African Wildlife cam - we saw the sun starting to set and a lot of antelopes watering
  • Watching an Owl cam - we saw the owl eating something and feeding her babies. Two have hatched.
  • Took our first nature walk of the spring season
Our family cemetery located behind the house.

Some snow still left - but not a lot.

Standing in two places at once. To the right of the photo above they are standing in our town (and on our property) and to the left they are in the neighboring township.

The boys will end their day tonight at AWANA club.

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