Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day #93/175 Days - Art Class

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked if there was any interest in an "outside" art class. To say there was interest was an understatement. She was flooded with, "Yes! Sign us up!!!" replies. So many that there were two classes. One yesterday for one of the groups we both belong to and one for the other group this morning.

It was held at an art studio about an hour from my house. The woman who owns and runs the studio was wonderful with the kids. There were twenty-five kids at the shop today. Every table was full and the parents either sat down out the way (on chairs we brought since they kids were occupying all the available ones in the studio) or milling around acting like the paparazzi.

For $10 a child we were given an hour and a half of time (although many started wondering out after about an hour) and the kids could create AS MUCH as they wanted!!! They started out with terra cotta clay and about half way through they were given some "white" clay. My boys all had a blast.

I lost track of how many items each boy made, but I finally scooted Jack off his chair near the end and made myself a couple little bowls. It was fun. So much fun that I would seriously considering going to Karen's "open pottery" classes. 

The boys all had fun "playing in the mud" today. In a few days we'll be able to get our finished products. Karen was drying them and then planned to fire them and glaze them. I'll be adding photos of the finished products later.

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The Bertone's said...

That sounds awesome. I want to take my kids to a pottery place here. Glad you are having fun!!