Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day #106/175 Days (Co-Op Day)

Co-Op day is always a bit nuts. Add in almost 20 kids between the ages of 5 and 13 and it's even nuttier. Today we did not do a country study. However, we did count all the money the children collected to donate to Haiti. It went really well! The lady that usually teaches and really - put this whole thing together - was home with a sick child. She sent her mom with her son and her mom just jumped in and taught the kids all about money! It was great. They had a wonderful time. Then we counted and rolled all the change collected. Phew! There was a lot! The final total for Haiti was $320 and change (I don't remember the exact number). I thought that fabulous for a completely spur of the moment idea! I do have a photo of all the kids to place in the paper but I know at least one family who doesn't like having their children's faces posted on the internet so pretend you see cute kid faces here.....


After we were all done with this, it was snack time (after a long line for the bathroom to wash hands) and a short "game time." One of the moms started this and it works well for our small space. The kids line up in the wide, long hallway. A mom calls out various things (usually about the country we're studying) along with an action. For instances, today I heard, "If you are wearing pink, take three giant steps forward." Most of the kids enjoy it and it gets the "wiggles" out of all the boys.

We had a dental hygienist come in for the last half of the class. She was wonderful with the kids and did a fantastic job with them. She brought in a video of "sugar bugs" on teeth (plus some other nasty things!!) which the kids loved. She also brought in all her "instruments" and taught how they were used and let the kids touch most of them. She also had a "goodie" bag for each with a brushing chart, a toothbrush, toothpaste, "honesty" tablets (they show where kids have missed brushing!), flossers, regular floss, and a tongue scrapper. The kids, of course, thought this was wonderful!

Again, I took a photo with all the kids and our hygienist so pretend you see it here....


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