Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day #98/175 Days (Co-Op day)

We've been enjoying our mini co-op and studying various countries. So far we've covered China, Slovakia, and Egypt. Today we traveled to the country of France. I was teaching so no photos.

We talked about where France is located and discussed the different aspects of the country (currency, flora, fauna, animals, language, religion, etc.). We just touch on all of these things in order to give the kids an overview of the country.

Our snack was, of course, French bread, cheese, and grape juice. The kids ate this while we watched bits and pieces of a video called "Discovering France." We spent about 30 minutes seeing various aspects of the video. It covered all the regions of France as well as the food and culture.

We ended the class with a fun art activity - at least I thought so! It was an Matisse inspired art collage. The link includes free templates making this a super easy but fun project. I highly recommend it. The kids seemed to enjoy this.

Next week: Haiti

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