Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day #10/175 Days

Today was an "unschooling" day which meant I did no formal teaching. Instead the boys did:
  • Quarter Mile Math on the PC
  • Lego-Man downloaded photos & created two short stop action movies.
  • We started a blog for Lego-Man which he will use for writing and to share his Lego creations on.
  • Independent reading (1+ hours)
  • Magic School Bus video on microbes
  • Playing outside - riding bikes, walking, sandbox
  • Attending our first session (2 hours) of this new AWANA year: Happy is a Spark, Conductor is in T&T & Lego-Man is a helper for Cubbies
  • Played with Mr. & Miss H
  • Conductor worked in the Dover Coloring Book I bought him last month - Famous Trains. He's doing great with it.
I try not to count a lot of these types of days, but they truly do reflect what a lifestyle of learning entails. And it shows that learning occurs whether I'm sitting & directing or not.

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